Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are great for an event or to try out a permanent tattoo before you make the lifelong commitment.  Test driving how you like a tattoo that has the look and feel of a real tattoo is a good idea unless you’re 100% set on your design.  Often time people want to modify their design or colors after a tattoo is complete and a temporary tattoo gives you the ability to easily make changes on your final tattoo.

What do temporary tattoos cost?

For custom designs, the cost ranges between $15 and $20 for a small and large design.  The products become more advanced each year which enhances the look and feel of temporary tattoos and brings them one step closer to real tattoos.  

What are other types of alternative tattoos?

Our favorite product is the Prinker- it allows you to print directly on your skin.  And you create your own designs or copy existing ones.  The Prinker Pro model costs $550 dollars, and in exchange you get the printing device, ink cartridges, two rechargeable batteries, and a 300 millilitre of skin primer.  We tested pre-made designs on the Prinker app- we were interested in doing a small simple design and seeing how the lines came out.  The design came out great and the tattoo held up well against water and moisture.  

temporary tattoos

Test driving your tattoo designs

Whether you choose to order a specific design or create your own design or even try a temporary ink printer, then you can certainly refine your design and change your mind without the long journey of permanent tattoo laser removal.  

When designing a tattoo sleeve, it can be a long creative process and the finality of the design creates a more stressful design journey.  





temporary tattoos